Why NextRequest?

The Experts in Records Requests Management

Our enterprise-level FOIA platform solves the challenges governments face responding to an ever-growing demand for public records.

Records requests are coming in record numbers for many public agencies, and it's often difficult to keep up. Manually tracking these requests through spreadsheets or paper forms is inefficient and no longer viable due to resulting in late responses or lost requests.

NextRequest streamlines the process of fulfilling FOIA requests and puts your tasks all in one place.

Records Request Management is All We Do

Our only product is records requests software for governments. We continuously update our FOIA request platform and services to meet the legal compliance and technical needs of government bodies across the United States.

Handle Requests from Start to Finish with NextRequest

Receive requests

Accept requests through a modern online portal. Make receiving FOIA requests and seamless as possible. NextRequest even connects requesters with self-serve information, making records previously published immediately available and avoiding a request submission entirely.

Track and process

Route to staff automatically and remind them when tasks are due. Keep up with the status of requests through every stage of your workflow. Redact a few, or hundreds, of documents at once. Work collaboratively and review for risk.

Release records

Send documents of any type or size to an individual or release to the general public. Create custom invoices and accept payments for large requests.

Best-in-class Redaction Tool

NextRequest's RapidReview is the most advanced document redaction on the market

RapidReview offers true draft and bulk redaction, setting it apart from other redaction tools

Draft redactions are autosaved, and you can move, edit, or delete them. Timestamps show when actions were taken, and teammates can pick up where you left off. Finalize redactions when you’re ready, individually or through bulk actions.

With bulk redaction, you can redact information from not one but hundreds of documents at one time, make comments, and give reasons for batches of redactions. When documents are ready, you can take bulk actions to move, delete, download, zip, finalize, or release many documents at once.

Security Comes First

Our software has been engineered to protect your agency and your data. We've designed policies and controls to safeguard the collection, use, and disclosure of your information. Learn more about our security measures


We serve governments with populations of 5,000 to 3,000,000+, and all agency types including:

  • Cities/Towns
  • Counties
  • Public Safety
  • State Agencies
  • Special Districts
  • Universities & Schools


A lot of companies leave their new customers hanging once the ink has dried. Not us! We set our customers up for success from the start. We strive to make sure our customers are educated and eventually self-sufficient with our FOIA software - but we're always available to help.

See how governments are succeeding with NextRequest

All across the U.S., cities, counties, special districts, universities, and school districts rely on NextRequest to improve their workflows and tracking, ensuring they stay compliant with local public records laws.

More than 350 agencies rely on our platform, and we’ve streamlined over 1 million records requests. See how customers are improving and simplifying their request processes.

"NextRequest has saved me time, paper, and worry about staying up to date with the status of each request."

"After using similar programs to request records on a personal basis, I found that the competitor’s software was difficult and problematic."

"Before implementing NextRequest, [records requests] took either the full 10 days or we had to ask for extensions."

Want to hear more from our customers? Check out our Capterra and G2 reviews.

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