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How to view your request

If the entered your email address when submitting the request, you will have received an email containing a link to the request. Depending on your notification settings you may have also received notifications when the request was updated. The easiest way to view and update your request is from an email notification

Steps for viewing a request from an email notification

  1. Locate an email notification for the request you would like to view
  2. Click the VIEW REQUEST #XX-XX button
  3. If the request is private you will need to sign in before viewing. If the request is public you will be taken directly to the request however you will need to sign in in order to update it.

Finding a request in the All Request index

If the request has been posted publicly you can also find it in the organization’s All Request index. You will have to log into your account before updating the request. For more information about how to find a request in the All Requests index click here.

For information about how to update or inquire about your request click here.

Updated on:

December 2, 2016