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How to update or inquire about your request

There are two ways to update your request:

  • Replying to an email notification about the request
  • Log in and post a message on the request

Replying to an email notification about the request:

Just locate an email related to your request and hit reply. Make sure you add your text above where it says “-- Write ABOVE THIS LINE to post a reply --”. Also be sure that you are replying to an email associated with that particular request. If you reply to a general account email (for example an email related to activating your account or resetting your password) your message will not be added to any request

Logging in and posting a message on the request

You can log into your account to post a message directly on the request by following these steps:

  1. Locate the request in one of two ways:
  2. Clicking the VIEW REQUEST #XX-XX button in any email notification you received about the request (assuming that you entered your email address when making the request). If the request has not been made public you will be prompted to sign in.  
  3. Find the request in the All Request index. For information about how to do this click here. If your request has not been made public, you will need to sign into your account in order for it to be visible in the All Request index
  4. If you have not yet been prompted to log in, click the SIGN IN link in the upper right. Enter your email address and password and the next screen and click the SIGN IN button
  5. Click the chat bubble icon at the top of the request and type your message in the box. This message will only be visible to organization staff and will not be made public
  6. Click the SAVE button

Updated on:

June 14, 2018