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How to make a records request

Before submitting a request, check the Document and All Requests index in the organization’s portal. All previous requests and released documents that the organization has made public are posted there. You may be able to find the information you are looking for without filing a records request.

  • For information about how to locate a previously released document click here
  • For information about how to locate a previously published request click here

Watch a video on how to submit a request and create your account here

Steps for making a records request:

  1. Go to the portal for the organization that you want to file the request with
  2. Click the MAKE REQUEST button
  3. Enter a description of the record you are looking for in the box at the top of the screen. The more detail you provide the more efficiently the organization will be able to respond to your request.
  4. Choose a department (optional)
  5. Enter your personal information (optional). None of the personal information fields are required to submit a request. However, if you do not enter an email address you will not be able to receive email updates about your request or to log in to view your request if it is not made public.
  6. Click the MAKE REQUEST button
  7. When prompted, enter your password and click SAVE to create your account. If you choose not to set your password at this point, you will need to go through the password reset flow at a later point to set up your account.
  8. Locate the confirmation email in your inbox and click the “Confirm my Account” link to activate your account

We recommend writing down the request number so that you can easily locate it later. If you have not included an email address with your request, you will only be able to view the request by going to the portal and looking up the request in the All Requests index (assuming it is made public). The organization will have no way of notifying you with any questions or updates about your request.

Receiving updates about your request

If you entered an email address you will receive an email confirming the creation of the request. You will also receive an email whenever an update is made to your request and when the request is fulfilled.

  • For information about how to log in to check the status of your request(s) click here
  • For information about how to download documents that have been uploaded in response to your request click here

Updated on:

June 14, 2018