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How to find a request

All requests that an organization has previously responded to and made public are posted on that organization’s portal. You may be able to find the information you are looking for here without submitting a new records request.

Steps for finding a request:

1. Go to the portal for the organization
2. Click the SEARCH button. This will take you to an index of all previous requests that the organization has made public. You can locate a request using any of the following steps:
    - Enter text in the search bar. The search will return any requests that contain that text in the request description only. 
    - Filter by status by checking the Closed or Open boxes
    - Enter a date range for when the request was filed
    - Enter the Point of Contact for the request
    - Select the department that the request was assigned to
    - Sort the results by ID #, Status, Request Date, Department, or Point of Contact
3. Click on a request entry in the table

Finding a document

If you are looking for a particular document, you may also be able to locate it directly in the documents index. In some cases the organization may have uploaded documents that are not associated with a specific request. For information about how to locate a document click here.

Finding a request you submitted yourself

If you are looking for a request that you submitted yourself you can also get to it by clicking on a link in any email notification you received about the request (assuming that you entered your email address when making the request). Just open any email notification you have received about the request and click the VIEW REQUEST #XX-XX button to get taken directly to that request.

Updated on:

January 15, 2017