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How to download documents from your request

When the organization releases documents in response to your request, the documents will be attached to your request and you will receive a notification email (assuming you entered an email address when making the request and haven’t turned off that notification). You can view the documents within NextRequest or download them to your machine.

Steps for downloading a document from a request

  1. Locate the request in one of two ways:
  2. Clicking the VIEW REQUEST #XX-XX button in any email notification you received about the request (assuming that you entered your email address when making the request). If the request has not been made public you will be prompted to sign in.  
  3. Find the request in the All Request index. For information about how to do this click here. If your request has not been made public, you will need to sign into your account in order for it to be visible in the All Request index
  4. Locate the Documents section of the request on the lefthand side
  5. Click the document link for each document that you want to download. The file will start downloading automatically
  6. OR Click the View icon (sheet of paper) to view the document in NextRequest. From the View Document page click the download icon in the upper right to download the document

Downloading a document from the Document index

You can also find any document that has been made public, including ones released in response to a request that you made, in the Document index. For information about how to locate a document in the Document index click here.

Updated on:

December 9, 2016