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How to download a previously released document

All documents that the organization has already released in response to previous record requests are stored in an index on the organization portal. These documents can be viewed and downloaded without filing a new records request. For information about how to download a document uploaded to a request you’ve made yourself, click here.

Steps for downloading a previously released document:

1. Go to the portal for the organization
2. Click the Documents link in the menu at the top of the screen. This will display a list of all previously released documents. You can locate a document using any of the following steps:
     - Enter a keyword for the document in the search bar on the left. The search will return documents with that keyword in the document name or description but not in the document content
     - Enter a range for when the document was uploaded
     - Enter a range for when the document was originally created
     - Sort the list by a column by clicking a triangle next to one of the column headers.
3. Click on a document name to open the Document Viewer to view the document within NextRequest
4. Click on the Download icon in the upper right

Finding a document in the All Requests index

If you are unable to locate the document you are looking for in the document index, you can also try searching the All Requests index. If the document was released in response to a previous request you can download the document from the page for that request. For information on how to locate a previous request click here.

Finding a document that was released in response to a request you made

If you filed a request for a particular document, the organization may choose to release the document only to you, without posting it publicly. For more information about how to download a document uploaded to a request you submitted, click here.  

Updated on:

December 8, 2016