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How can I download my records?

There are two ways that you can download your documents:

  1. If the agency uses document pickup links, then you can download the documents by clicking on their names in the email that was sent notifying you that they were released. 
  2. You can go directly to the request and download the documents. The documents will be listed in the Documents section on the left of the request. You may need to log into the portal to access the documents. 

If you’re having difficulty accessing the documents the first thing to check is if you are logged in. Some requests are public but their documents are private, meaning that you can get to the request itself without being able to see the documents. If you can see that documents were released in the timeline on the right, but the documents themselves aren’t listed in the Documents section on the left then you are not logged in.

Updated on:

March 22, 2022