A New Era in Digital Communication

Bringing the power of three software leaders together to help your organization achieve an open, optimized, and compliant digital presence.

Strengthening Government Communication, Record Keeping, and Record Production

In today’s digital world, organizations must maintain accessible standards in order to become a trusted resource. But to keep up with these demands, communicators are under increasing pressure to routinely evolve policies and practices to ensure compliance with increasing regulations around data retention, accessibility, and privacy.

That's why we're excited to share:

We’re expanding our solution in partnership with two market leaders, ArchiveSocial, a leading provider of social media and website record archiving software, and Monsido, a web governance and accessibility solutions leader.

By combining the power of these three solutions for web, social, data privacy, and records production, public and private organizations worldwide can embrace the rapid shifts to online environments and consistently provide an inclusive, secure, and transparent experience across their entire digital presence.

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To our customers

Our dedication to fulfilling your needs beyond records request management is why we are partnering with ArchiveSocial and Monsido to address a critical gap in the digital journey. This collaboration will enhance agencies’ digital experiences and accessibility as well as decrease time spent and costs associated with handling public records.

Now we can deliver more robust assurance, privacy, and performance for all aspects of virtual responsibility from records management to web governance and record archiving. Our customers are now more equipped than ever to stay on top of evolving regulations by adapting and streamlining their public records workflow.

This combination provides our customers with a unique opportunity to use ArchiveSocial and Monsido for a discounted price when bundled with NextRequest. Contact us today to discover the pricing benefits, as well as advantages these software solutions provide for your organization’s compliance and transparency.

Expanding our global footprint

We will extend our best-in-class solutions and commitment to organizations in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Denmark. The combined organizations serve over 6,000 customers and 120,000 users.

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Secure, Automated Digital Record Archiving

Automatically capture the records created on your social media pages and website with ArchiveSocial.

Web Governance for Accessible and Optimized Websites

Perfect your website's accessibility, quality assurance, data privacy, SEO, and more with Monsido.

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