Essex County College

Case Study


Essex County College is an open access community college that serves the diverse needs of students through comprehensive educational programs, training, and continuing education. Located in Newark, New Jersey, the college has been in operation since 1966.

Bianca Toliver is the College’s Senior Compliance Associate who also serves as the Records Custodian. As the Records Custodian, she is the administrator that manages the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) at the College. The college receives roughly 50 requests a year, some of which include subpoenas, and in recent years the requests started to increase in complexity and difficulty. They needed help. After reviewing over five different records requests solutions, Bianca and her team selected NextRequest.

Manual to Digital

Prior to NextRequest, the College was processing requests via email with other actions such as tracking and redactions completed manually. Other points of friction were the processing of PST files, tracking communication from various departments for requests, as well as ensuring emails were not missed.

Ahead of the Curve

A healthy records management process means developing nimble, adaptable processes driven by data, automation, and constant communication. Adoption of public record software is still pretty new in the university/college space. Essex County College is at the forefront of new technologies having brought on NextRequest to manage their requests.

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