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NextRequest Launches Preview For New Request Page

March 9, 2021
NextRequest branded, tropical square animate gif with all new Preview Page text

This weekend we launched our beta preview for the new Request Show page in the NextRequest application!

The new Request Show page

We’ve been hard at work updating the Request Show page since we launched the All Requests page back in July. For an update this important, we want to get as much great feedback as we can from as many of our daily users as possible, so we’ve made the decision to release the new page in beta.

However, we want to ensure that a beta release will not disrupt any day-to-day operations for our users - after all, the whole point of the new Request Show page is to give you the best experience possible. So, we came up with the idea to launch the beta preview alongside the existing page. You’ll still be able to perform all the current actions on the existing legacy page, but with the flip of the switch, you’ll launch into the new page and be able to try out its expanded functionalities as we release them over the coming months.

Hit the switch to launch the Preview

Just like the All Documents and All Requests pages, the new Request Show page enables you to accomplish your objectives on the NextRequest application more efficiently and reliably.

Currently, the beta page allows you to:

  • view request information
  • search, organize, and download documents 
  • compose & send messages

And like we said, more features will be added soon. We’re premiering document functionality first because our customers and requesters wanted a smoother experience searching and viewing documents, especially as requests grew in size and complexity.

Filter by visibility, folder title, and document title

We’re particularly excited to introduce our bulk download feature. Once logged in, any user can choose to download all the documents available on a request, or download a smaller subset. For instance, you might only need the documents in a particular folder, or with a particular word in the document name. No problem, just click the “select all” checkbox and download.

The new bulk download feature

Bulk download was a tough nut for us to crack, especially as requests have only become more complex over time. Although RapidReview already gives agencies using NextRequest the ability to perform bulk actions on documents, it was a challenge to expand that functionality to requesters, but it’s finally here.

The refresh also makes it easier to use existing features in the new Request Show page. For example, when drafting a message, you can now minimize the message box without losing any of your drafted content.

New message box functionality

This helps navigate through a Request while you draft a message, enabling you to review the information you need. You can also expand the message box to full screen if you want the extra space.

We’re excited to release this preview to all of our users, and hope you share our enthusiasm!