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Clerks: They're Just Like Us!

March 20, 2019
3 photos of government clerks in professional setting next to Clerks: They're Just like Us title text on blue background

There’s nothing like in-person visits with customers. Meeting someone face to face brings each relationship up a notch, from a place only ever characterized by the familiarity of someone’s voice or writing style to knowing and remembering each face and the conversations that were had. Even knowing what someone’s office looks like helps put you in their shoes.

Throughout three days in the beautiful state of Washington, I got to visit the small towns of Monroe, Sumner, Bainbridge Island, Mercer Island and Lakewood. As I drove through snow, rain and everything in between while en route to my meetings, I not only got to experience the sheer terror of freeway driving through snow, but I also got to really take in each encounter and debrief with myself. I thought about how each customer experiences NextRequest on a daily basis and about each end user I met. While I normally work with NextRequest portal owners and administrators, these in person visits helped shine a light on everyone that uses our product, and how they feel about it - the good and the bad. With busy schedules that creep on us while working in the office, the ability to be out in the field allowed me to think hard about each customer’s wants and needs - and most importantly, how my team can help improve their experience and give them those things.

The conversations I had with these customers made me remember how important human connection is. In the world of 2019, when our eyes are constantly glued to screens, we need to remember to talk to each other.  Technology is a wonderful thing that allows us to connect and talk to people on the other side of the state, country or even world, but there’s really something to be said for face to face interactions. They allow for understanding, empathy, and a whole lot more that you can’t get over the phone. As humans, all we really want is connection, and I definitely feel like I connected with the clerks I met on this Washington trip. It doesn’t hurt that they happen to be the nicest people on the planet, either.

Rosellen Schwartz is a NextRequest Customer Support Specialist and avid Clerk fan.